Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Grocery Store Pork - the most dangerous meat in America?

Below is a link to Dr Mercola's post about pork, and the dangers inherent in consuming pork purchased from the average grocery store.  Whether you follow Dr Mercola,  and whether you think he is a saint or a quack,  this article raises some disturbing facts. Bottom line is.. the pork found in the grocery store is not fit for human consumption!

Pork is commonly raised in the worst possible environments, and fed a constant diet of antibiotics and additives to keep them alive and growing as desired and on schedule.  Its not farming, its more like a science experiment!  The risk of human disease from pork is right up there with store bought turkey and chicken.  These meats are just plain downright dangerous.

Whats the answer? Simple. Buy meats (especially pork, turkey, and chicken) from a farmer you know and trust that raises them on pasture, and feeds healthy organic feeds. Its really that simple. Meat raised and fed properly, the way nature intended, is not inherently dangerous.  Its not the meat itself that makes it dangerous, it is the environment it is raised in, the feed that is used, and the chemicals used to control growth and disease.  Virtually all, if not all, store bought pork is raised this way.  The only answer to protect your family  is to find a farmer you know and trust, and buy from him. Ask about the feed, the conditions the treatments, the husbandry. If you can't ask... perhaps its better to walk away.

Where do you buy your pork from?

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