Saturday, December 22, 2012

Last deliveries of 2012

It is here. The final delivery for our first year in business has started. Today is Medford, next Sat is Ashland. As the sun rises for the first of the last two, I think back to where it all started, and find myself amazed at how the Lord has blessed.
A year ago we started the idea of home deliveries. The first delivery was no more than a few stops and products loaded in the back of our Yukon. It soon progressed to needing a over sized cooler, then a luggage carrier off the bumper. Next was the need for two coolers. Unable to carry enough product even with two we split the route into 2 areas on seperate weeks. Only a short  time later we realized we needed a trailer to keep up with demand. By the end of 2012 we are running out of products on a weekly basis, demand outpacing supply. In 12 months our customer base has grown from less than a dozen to over ten dozen homes!
We move into 2013 with plans to at least double both production and products in the coming months, offering both more quantity and a much greater variety of good nutritious traditional foods. A new online ordering process to prevent my silly spreadsheet errors and show quantities on hand will be a great change, giving us more time to produce instead of organize.
A year ago I was sitting at the kitchen sink individually washing every dirty egg by hand. Now we use a portable automatic egg washer resurrected from an expired patent to wash both chicken and duck eggs each week.
Our feed orders have gone from a few bags a week to an average of a thousand pounds per week of pure organic non gmo feed. (Is that why my back is tired on Sundays?). This makes us very pleased to see the local adoption of non gmo feeds.
It has been both exciting and challenging, and we thank you for your support. We thank God who has blessed us and helped us along the way. Without his divine guidance we simply would not have made it through this first year of 10x growth. We thank both you and God for granting us the opportunity to serve you and our community in this way.
In keeping with the story at the top of the blog site.... "join us on our journey..." I can say without a doubt it has been worthwhile. The life we have today is precious, the calling deeply satisfying, the people we serve are priceless, and we would not go back for anything. 
This... the good and the bad together... is living.

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