Sunday, July 30, 2017

Easy turkey dinner

Turkey is definitely our favorite poultry, heritage turkey that is... Not the store bought commercial ones that taste like cardboard and look like a mishappen beast from outer space... A real turkey. It is delicious, has texture, aroma, and super healthy.

But isn't cooking a heritage turkey hard?


Here is an example:

1 heritage little sprouts turkey
10 organic bay leaves
Tablespoon Redmond realsalt

Just pop the frozen turkey into the roasting pan, fill the bottom 3/4 with cold water, float the bay leaves, sprinkle with salt. Set the oven to 300 and close the roasting pan.

Wait, about 8 hours.

If necessary, refill the water to keep it at least half full.

When done, you can (if you want) remove the top and roast at 400 to brown the top of the meat. To brown more just remove some of the delicious broth first. (But done let it get totally dry!)

For even more flavor, drop a few organic carrots and onions into the water with the frozen turkey.

It really is that easy. You get absolutely delicious turkey broth, and soft yet textured turkey meat.
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