Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Delivery day

Today we ran an extra set of deliveries. It was so refreshing to see so many customers again. It has been a while since we all went together on a delivery route... Too long.

This is for any other small farms reading this... If you can... Meet your customers. Meet the families that live off and rely on your food, your labors. It is inspiring! Look them in the eye, shake their hand, talk to them.

Farming is first and foremost about people. Its about serving people the m
ost fundamental need of the human experience... Good healthy food. The one thing that transcends all political, religious, economic differences. Food, health, life.

As we meet those who rely on our food, hear their stories of suffering and healing, need and fulfillment, it gives not only strength, but heart felt desire, passion even, to keep going. All the long days of manual labor, cold wet weather, mud, manure, heavy feed, frustration, all of that becomes worth it in an instant within the eyes of one who needs good food to heal.

We were chatting along the way, remembering times when a family needed milk desperately for a sick young child, and our herdshare was full.... Going out searching the state for a properly raised goat in milk that we could overpay for to bring her home... for that child. So that we could get up at 5am in the cold every morning to milk her. A true labor of love.

The only way to love farming, the hard work, the minimal financial gain, the frustration, is to love the people served. It's about people and health. And... Its so worth it!

Yes, delivery day... The driving passion fueling the rest of the week.

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