Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Across the board 20% Pork Price Decrease!

Exciting news!

Each year we do a review of our operation and product pricing. Our mission is to ensure that our prices are reasonable, but based on actual costs to produce the quality of food we are committed to. Quality and nutrition always comes first.

Well... this year's review of the Hog production ended in the ability to LOWER pork prices across the board, by a whopping 20%!   That's right.. all pork prices are dropping by 20% of the meat price! This is NOT a special, not a limited time offer, this is until further notice!

The reason lies in last year's creative adaptions to feed. Since feed is the single largest cost for a hog production, we spent a lot of time working on supply, types, ability to grow, sprouting, etc. The overall combination of all these things worked and allows us to lower prices!  No change in quality, just passing the savings on to you.

If you have not tried our meats yet, please do.. This lower price is surely friendlier on the family grocery budget, and our hope is that our meats can become a regular part of your family diet.  Whether you take home delivery in the Rogue Valley, or are one of our new shipping customers... please do take advantage of these new lower prices.

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