Saturday, March 26, 2016

Announcing: Broth / Stock / Soup Base subscriptions

Exciting news!

We have just introduced a new subscription! A variety pack of broth / stock / soup base!

This product comes frozen, in a one pint plastic tub, ready to defrost, heat and use.  You can use it for cooking, for a hot drink, or for a magnificent soup base!

With this subscription you will receive 4 tubs every 2 weeks, with any variety of flavors. An easy way to achieve variety and a broad base of health benefits. Each delivery could be a different mix of flavors.

We make broths from our own animals... cooked slow in plain water with a tiny bit of apple cider vinegar, and nothing else. plain pure broth to use whichever way you wish. Easy, quick, convenient and SO healthy.

Broths  (meat stocks and bone broths) are a staple in any healthy diet. The healing properties of this food are well known and easily researchable through organizations such as WAPF.  These broths are the highest quality possible, made from our own heritage breed animals, raised without chemicals, gmos, vaccinations, poisons, and soy.

If you already have an account, just go into CHANGE SUBSCRIPTIONS to add this to your account.

If you do not have an account yet, please join  and the subscriptions will be offered during the signup process.

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