Friday, March 18, 2016

Chicken Eggs are OFFICIALLY BACK on the delivery route


After a 2+ year wait... we can offer uniquely healthy farm fresh chicken eggs on our home delivery route! 

You may recall, over 2 years ago we had a catastrophe... we had worked for 5 years on creating our own genetics.. a flock of chickens combined from multiple heritage breeds. Then, a winter fire burned down one of our coops, and the brooder that housed the entire next flock of chickens. We lost not only the just hatched chicks, but also all of the breeders, they were housed in the coop  connected to the brooder.  In one night, we lost 5 years of selective breeding. The remaining hens were at the end of their lives and didnt lay consistently enough to produce a replacement flock. The remaining egg production dwindled down to nothing over the next few months and we were out of the chicken egg business.

Finally, we have a large enough flock to re-enter the egg business! We have raised half, and purchased half from another farm that was going out of business. The combined flock is perfect, a blend of 2 heritage breeds that meet the needs of both egg layers and meat chickens.

Yes, we are now offering heritage meat chickens also! (not just stewing hens, but young meat birds)

So.. (drum roll please!)  tomorrow , saturday 3/19/2016  marks the first delivery of chicken eggs to the ashland and phoenix / talent areas!

We have simplified pricing.  All eggs are offered at $8 per dozen on subscription, and slightly more buying outside of a subscription. (price to be decided when supplies allow)

We are now offering all eggs unwashed by default. IF a set of eggs require washing for whatever reason, they will be washed by the dozen and packaged clearly marked as "washed" so you know to keep them refrigerated.

If you find the need to wash any eggs yourself, its easy. Wait till time to use them (they store better unwashed). Then wash each egg under warm running water with light rubbing. They should come clean in seconds.  (NEVER use cold water to wash eggs, and NEVER soak in water)

Our approach to eggs is unique... instead of offering one or two advantages.. we just do everything that we can to produce better eggs... are eggs are ALL OF THE ABOVE:

  • Non-GMO
  • Organically fed
  • Soy free
  • Pasture Raised without cages
  • Antibiotic Free
  • Vaccination Free
  • Chemical Free
  • Heritage Breed
  • Collected Fresh and delivered to you Fresh

Thank you for your patience... we truly appreciate your support and hope you enjoy these nutritional powerhouses to add to your diet.

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