Saturday, March 5, 2016

Chickens chickens everywhere!

Exciting news! We are right on the verge of having the sought after little sprouts eggs for sale again! Its been 3 long years of waiting and working... and the day is fast approaching, right around the corner!

Our own replacement flock (to replace the flock we lost in the fire) is now mature and starting to lay. In addition, God has blessed by bringing an opportunity to expand the flock greatly, in fact double! Another local farm who we trust, who was also using heritage breeds and feeding scratch and peck, decided to sell their new flock. Incredibly these birds are the exact same age as ours, and most are the same breed!

This opportunity came up suddenly, but we were able to jump on it and bring all the birds home last night. Today we let them out of the transport trailer to explore their new home, while we readied the laying coop. There were a lot of birds running around our yard! Over 200 in all!

By this evening we managed to get most of them into the proper area, but its by no means finished. The rain slowed things down a bit. One more day and they should be settled and happily laying. We chose to move them all together in the sheep pasture, where few birds have been.

If all goes well... there will be the first eggs available for sale on the next delivery! We will start contacting people that are on the waiting list first. It may take a month to reach full supply, so just a little more patience will be required. Then we will open up new egg subscriptions to those not on the waiting list.

Sorry for the lack of pictures... we will take some asap to show the new birds and their new home, but I couldn't get any today because of the rain.

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