Sunday, August 2, 2015

Almost at full harvest!

The pig gardens are doing great this year. We are just a bout at full harvest potential.  Here is the status:

Squash (including zuchinni)  - harvest every 3 to 4 days, producing 7 barrels per harvest

Cucumber - harvest weekly, producing 6 to 7 barrels

Each barrel is 30 gallons, so on a weekly basis we are producing :

Squash = 420 gallons per week

Cucumber = 210 gallons per week

ITs time to start dehydrating some of the harvest for winter months, since the harvest will continue to improve over the next month.

The beets are ready to harvest, not as many as we hoped for but still significant. We expect quite a few barrels, maybe 12.

The cabbages are struggling in the heat

The pumpkins are doing great, probably ready to start harvesting in 2 weeks.

 Here's a look at the pigs enjoying today's picking of cucumber:

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