Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Finally available - pay for health, not treatment

Health Care is one of the most important aspects of life.  In fact, for Little Sprouts, Health Care is the center of our mission. This farm was launched to provide food to heal, to improve the health of individuals and families by returning to truly healthy food. Many of you know our own journey from the Standard American Diet and therefore the Standard American Degeneration into true health through food that heals.

Food, as foundational as it is to health, is yet only one aspect of overall health. We truly believe that is is the core aspect, the single most important, but there are times when things go wrong. There are times in everyone's life when we need more than good nutrition.  In those moments where do you turn?

We, our own family, has struggled with this question for years. Once you realize the fallacies of main stream american medicine, it becomes difficult to turn to the standard practitioners of that system with confidence.   The foundation of single cause - effect, the approach of perpetual pharmaceuticals to hide symptoms, and even the model of profit only through illness conflicts with true health care.

So where can individuals turn for true healthcare with confidence? There is an answer! Better yet, our family can personally vouch for the benefits and value of this choice! We have been using their services for a while now with great success.

Now there is a new approach to healthcare here in the Rogue Valley. A small group of medical professionals have launched a service unlike any other.  It is not only a blend of the best from modern medicine and traditional wisdom, it is not only the approach of treating the entire person instead of hiding symptoms, but on top of this they offer a new model of PAY TO STAY WELL! (oh yea, they are nice people too!)

Siskiyou Vital Medicine  in Medford is that option! They offer flat rate monthly plans for unlimited visits. Its the notion of paying a dr to keep you well. Unlike mainstream medicine which profits from services, This new approach incentivises the dr to keep you healthy and thereby limit visits.  It
makes total sense!

We encourage you to consider SVM. We have been very happy with their approach and services.

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