Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Little Sprouts joins Stewardship Alliance

We are proud to announce that Little Sprouts has joined the Siskiyou Vital Medicine Stewardship Alliance.

From the Siskiyou Vital Medicine Website:

The Stewardship Alliance is an alliance of local businesses, groups, and individuals, who share common values and goals. The members of the Stewardship Alliance serve in their own respective ways to facilitate and grow stewardship of our bodies, minds, community, and environment. By becoming a member of the SVM community, you become a member of the Stewardship Alliance, where you will enjoy discounts at the various businesses that are Alliance members.  This list is always evolving and growing.

What does this mean to you? We are offering an across the board discount of 10% to all clients of Siskiyou Vital Medicine! Save 10% on everything, everyday. Just let us know of your patronage and upon verification we will apply the discount to your future orders.

This is our way of supporting overall health of our customers. Health is good food, but its more than just food.

For more info, contact them here:

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