Wednesday, July 22, 2015

New Natural Sausage Flavors!

The Little Sprouts sausages sold so well that we are expanding our flavor offerings! Here is the current list of whats available:

  • Pork Breakfast links - medium spicy
  • Lamb breakfast link, both spicy and mild
  • Gluten Free English Bangers
  • Garlic and Pepper

Starting next week we are adding:

  • Traditional English Bangers with Cracker crumbs
  • Spicy Italian
  • Mild pork breakfast links

All of our sausages are chemical free, based on our own heritage breed, pasture raised, soy free, organically non-gmo fed, non-vaccinated, hormone free, humanely raised hogs. All of the added ingredients are certified organic, and no preservatives of any kind are ever used.  These sausages are as healthy and natural as it gets!

Fell free to order from our online store (even out of state is ok now due to USDA processing)  OR drop by the Medford Food Coop to pick up some.
These sausages are Excellent for BBQ in the summer heat, giving a robust flavor and the knowledge that your family is consuming only the best meats available.

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