Wednesday, August 26, 2015

First Pumpkin Harvest! 300 beautiful heirloom pumpkins ready

We pulled in the first pumpkin harvest today. About 300 beautiful orange balls of joy, weighing an average of about 10 lbs each, a top weight at 25 lbs.

While most of these are for winter pig food, we will be offering some for sale through our online store and home delivery.

There are 2 varieties:

  • Connecticut Field pumpkin - a traditional shape and color, hard skin, hollow center
  • Rogue Vif D'Etampes (Cinderella pumpkin) - a very old french heirloom flat shape, solid center and sweeter flesh
So all these pumpkins are both organically grown AND heirloom varieties... a unique combination!

Our Favorite Pumpkin!  a perl white cinderella.

Here they are cleaned, stacked, and ready to go. We will let them dry outside for a day or two and then move the into air conditioning for storage after a thorough cleaning.

Picked and ready for pickup in the garden

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