Sunday, April 26, 2015

Tomato and pepper starts are in

The one garden thing we are a tad late on, starting the tomato and pepper plants. These plants do so much better starting indoors. Yes, we could have started them a few weeks ago, but the greenhouse is not operational this year (taken over by the loose chickens.. ugh!) and we just didnt get around to it.  But today.. it happened...

Our kitchen table was covered in organic topsoil used to fill 250 tiny planting buckets in a tray. The kids all joined in the plant the seeds and water them. Now the trays are resting comfortable in a south facing window over a heater. Hopefully we can put them in the ground within a couple weeks.

If this works out well.. we will have lots of Weston A Price Foundation Salsa for sale at the end of summer!

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