Sunday, April 26, 2015

The best ever pasture chicken waterer!

We have tried them all! name it, we have used it... chicken waters come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles. But finally, we have found one that we truly love!

The brilliant things about these waterers are :

enclosed float under the bucket, out o reach
Easy open top to refill
large size
no need to carry to refill
water inside stays clean

Basically there is a float system under the bucket that lets water flow slowly into the lower ring. It is so enclosed that it doesnt get dirty, plugged, or changed by tiny feet, beaks, etc.  There is no vacuum system to maintain with special rings, seals, etc.  This unit just works!

We buy them from teh local Big R Stores, and have converted all our coops over this year. There is a similiar waterer on amazon and other sites with the same design but only 5 gallons of capacity. This one holds 6.25 gallons.

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