Sunday, April 26, 2015

New soaps added - Coffee is magic!

We are back to producing soaps from our own special heritage breed pasture raised, organically fed lard. Quite honestly one of the best and purest soaps on the planet! Lard soap, made from good lard, is something truly special.. Lathers up with a soft thick foam, gentle.. even moisturizing on the skin, exceptional cleaning ability, and pure of any chemicals that can damage health. This is soap as it is meant to be.

Now, we have added something even more special... Coffee! This makes an incredible naturally effective deodorant soap. No.. no deodorant as in stopping body odor... but in the ability to totally extinguish odors on the skin. Coffee soap is great for kitchen, shop, garden, anywhere strong odors collect on the sin The coffee  neutralizes the odor completely leaving the skin fresh, clean, and soft.

We even added some coffee grounds, to make a mildly abrasive soap. This adds a little mechanical action to get the tough dirt and grease off while deodorizing.  Remember the old "Lava" soap your grandparents used? this is very similar but without any harsh chemicals.

There are more soaps coming... different scents and formulations... be sure to orderr yours today!

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