Sunday, April 26, 2015

The New Chicken Flock is Growing!

We moved the new chicks from the brooder finally to the pasture coops. Wow were they happy for the extra space! They have grown so much so fast! (must be that scratch and peck starter!)

We placed these little guys on the new leased pasture right next door. The land there has not had any animals on it for quite some time, and really needs some natural stress and fertilizer.  By this time ext year it will be sprouting with green life!

So far we have the hens in pone coop, and the rooster in the other. Once the roosters mature, we will turn most of them into chicken meat, saving a few for breeders to mix in with the hens.  Then... we will have Eggs for sale again!

Here is the hen coop finished and occupied. You can see the area to the lower left that shows the first plot fertilized by the hens.

These little guys are soooo happy!

Here is a view of all three coops (including hens, roosters, and the older breeders from our special genetics flock) . You can see where we watered the used area behind the coop to help wash the fertilizer into the ground. This speeds up and intensifies the fertility of the soil.

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