Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Three more Yummy cheese flavors ready!

Today we packaged three more cheeses for you to try.. and WOW.. YUM!

Block 15 is CHIVE and GARLIC cheddar

A fairly heavy garlic flavor with onion undertones in a nice soft cheese. This would be great with salads or to accompany heavier flavored meals.

Block 16 is ONION and SAGE cheddar

This is a softer onion flavor with a hint of sage to brighten it. Very appetizing as a stand alone flavored cheese. Not too heavy to be enjoyed solo.

Block 17 is VANILLA BLUEBERRY cheddar

WOW, this is nice. Hunter calls it "muffin cheese" because the flavor and texture reminds him of eating a fresh blueberry muffin. It is extra soft cheddar, with a tart flavor balanced with a medium strong vanilla flavor and bits of real blueberries. What a flavor experience! This one is a GREAT dessert cheese for after dinner or snack.

All of these cheeses are raw, aged over 60 days with natural rinds, vacuumed sealed for freshness into 5 ounce wedges.

If you havent tried the Sprouts Goat Milk Cheese, now is the time. 6 new flavors added just this week! Please do NOT compare these to normal goat cheese. There is NO hint of that goaty flavor in these. Just pure white bright cheddar flavor that is pleasing to the pallet as well as the senses.

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