Sunday, September 14, 2014

First Family Pear Harvest a Fabulous Success!

Yesterday we did a "test" pear harvest to see how much is available on the trees at "our" orchard this year. WOW!  There is .. a lot!

Our family (only adding Grandma and Uncle Bradley) was able to harvest 3000 lbs of ripe but not overripe organic pears in just under 4 hours. YES.. four hours for three thousand pounds!

And we had a ball doing it!

The best news is, that doesnt even touch the pears available. A wild guess is that this is maybe 5% of what is on the trees still.

So.. if you can come out.. tomorrow (sunday sept 14) is the day! All customers are invited to come out and pick, keeping what you want as your reward.  If your interested, call us !

Here are some pics of the "test harvest"

Looking like a nice harvest

Wow, nice!

Thats pretty high up for the little guy!

Now this is the way!

Grab it Ollie!

Hunter's always ready 

Kaelyn found a shady pear pickup spot

Look at the size of these that Levi found!

Yum! Break time!
Kaelyn shows Ollie the ropes...

Reach Everett, Reach!
And of course Uncle Bradley!

Rainforest pears??

Grandma gets some pointers from Ollie

Here Grandma, it goes in the bucket

Hunter seems to have found the goathead bush! Where are those shoes???

Pears Pears Everywhere!

Who's that man in the hat?

Would you believe a game of "catch the mushy pear" ?

Dont miss!
Life is good when you can have fun just anywhere
Attack Hunter!

Mommy and Ollie just keep picking
Now this cant be good... slipped off the ramps on loading...
Always something.. can the truck pull it off?

Its Working... sort of...

....... You might be a redneck.....

Physics... do rednecks use that?  A jack to crank up a jack to crank up the end of the trailer to release the ramp stuck under the bumper? Dont try this at home!
Ok, so end of the day.. only minor damage. Lets move on! 
Here is the day's load... 3 hours of picking to get 3000 lbs
Time to feed some pigs!

What do you think Ollie?

Recycling! an old freezer as a pear storage / fermenting spot!

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