Friday, September 26, 2014

Raisin and Nutmeg Cheese! WOW

Here is a real flavor experience. We just put into the store, available immediately for sale, a new flavor.. Raisin and nutmeg Cheddar. YUM!

As you taste this cheese, the cheddar is mild and dry, with a hint of sweetness from the real raisin chunks. Then the nutmeg builds in the background to give a pleasant blast of christmasy nutty flavor.  A truly unique experience!

There are now 11 different flavors of cheddar cheese available for purchase!  If your dont know which ones to try, sign up for our Cheese club and just float through them all! for only $15 per delivery (every 2 weeks) you get a full 5 ounce block of 2 different cheese!

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