Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Welcome silver Appleyard ducks

Duck eggs are very popular,  especially with those allergic to chicken eggs.  Duck eggs are  also preferred by those using egg yolk as a healing food. Over the last year the sales of duck eggs has increased to about 40%of our total egg sales.  While that is all good news, the US a recurring problem,  the duck egg production is unsteady.

There have been many times when the production had barely met needs,  and now we faced one delivery where we were unable to meet all subscriptions.  We do apologize for the need to substitute chicken eggs for last week,  and appreciate everyone's willingness to temporarily adjust. We realize now that a change is in order to allow a more consistent duck egg supply.

The problem.?  Simply put,  stress!  Kaki Campbell ducks are great producers,  making close to 350 eggs per year per duck,  but only in a low stress environment.  Our farm,  by nature,  is not low stress.  We use rotational grazing if several species to improve health overall,  which requires lots of moving and change.  This in itself causes stress for the khakis.

Research has shown that this is a universal problem for khakis. Farms that rely on this breed go to great lengths to prevent change for the ducks.  Even so far as not only collecting eggs same time every day but the same person wearing the same clothes every time!  These ducks require rigid routine.

At present at are plagued with  large crows that are stealing the duck eggs,  which in turn stresses the duck and lowers production.  Also working with the fruit trees and berries causes them further stress. Production is currently very low.

So we have chosen to add a new breadth the farm,  silver Appleyard!  These are beautiful large size ducks that are useful both for eggs and meat.  They do not suffer from stress like khakis,  Appleyards are write calm and forgiving,  great forgers,  and very beautiful!  With his breed we expect a steady supply of eggs  and also the addition of duck meat to our offered products!

We will be hatching the Appleyards ourself from fertile eggs beginning next week.  If all goes well they silk be laying by March and we will be able to sell duck meat for Christmas!

We are very excited to bring this breed to the farm!

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