Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Beet harvest is in! Lacto Fermented heriloom beets!

The beet harvest is finally here! and we now have available the first batch of lacto-fermented beets and beet stems.

The beets are heirloom variety and organically grown.

The products available are:

Fresh beets by the bunch

3 to 4 beets in a  bunch, these beets are extra large! picked the day of delivery to be at their peak in freshness.

Pickled Beets

The beets are roasted slightly, skinned, and cultured in salt water brine to a very tangy flavor with just the tiniest bit of crunch.  An excellent snack or side dish and a health food powerhouse!

Pickled beet stems with carrots

The beet stems are combined with a few carrots, and pickled in a sat brine with a tiny bit of jalapeno. the end result is a tangy, crispy stem with the texture of celery. Great for snacks or side dishes. The jalapeno gives only a tiny hint of spice in the background.

Canned beet greens

These beet greens are fully cooked and pressure canned for long shelf life. Add to soups, stews, or just as a side dish. Very similar to chard in flavor and texture.

All of these are eligible for free home delivery to the rogue valley area, and are available immediately. You can find them all in our online store:


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