Monday, July 15, 2013

"Your raisins or your life "

Farming laws are usually ridiculous.  The root reason why bad empty calorie but full of toxin food exists in 70% of the boxes and cans in the store is government regulations.  The government had been artificially controlling food food prices for a hundred years,  with the side effect of creating an industry of bad world food,  and unfair competition for small family farms.  Simply put...  If conventional factory farms did not have government subsidies, their food like products would be higher than organic pasture raised food. It is government laws and regulations that create artificially low food prices which are not sustainable.

I point to the recent scare about milk...  If the farm bill (government payments to farmers to grow bad food)  doesn't pass,  milk jumps to $10 per gallon or more. That's how much the government pays dairy farmers to produce dead cooked milk.  Raw milk gets no subsidizes.  See the problem?

What prompted this post is the following news story,  about raisins.  This is perhaps the craziest of food laws on the books.

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