Monday, July 1, 2013

Herbal Products from Fir Meadows Available now

We are pleased to announce that Little Sprouts Farm will now be offering herbal products developed by Fir Meadows, LLC. as part of our product lineup  for farm pickup and home delivery.

Fir Meadows is the source for our own herb based support products for our animals. We routinely use the parasite control herb blend (DWorm-A)  and the healing support products as needed.  This has allowed us to stay away from all chemical medicines for 3 years.

Fir Meadows also has a book that contains a wealth of information about herbs, animal husbandry, and proper usage.  It is a great starting point if you wish to go chemical free and learn the basics of herbal support for animals.

We encourage you to try these creations, formulated by Kat of Fir Meadows and distributed exclusively through this brand.

For more information on these products browse our online store :

Items we will have in stock:

1) Book- The Accessible Pet, Equine and Livestock Herbal

2) GI Soother - for coccidia, used with grain for poultry starter. Very popular for poultry. Also for GI source diarrheas in pets, poultry, farm stock. Also ulcers.

3) DWorm A- can be used for any species including poultry, pigs, goats.

4) Layer Support- an herb blend developed to support egg laying birds.

5) Better Daze - very useful for senior stock, young stock or failure to thrives, or as a daily nutritional supplement for anything from poultry and pets through draft stock.

6) HerBiotic Herb Mix or Extract- used as an herbal form of 'antibiotic' in anything from chickens, pets through large stock.

7) Wonderful! Salve- for any type of tissue or bone or spine injury including serious burns, bad breaks, shatters, deep wounds, tendons, etc.

8) Cayenne- powdered- first aid, shock, bleeding, heart, stroke, etc.

9) Udder Blast- mastitis, infections in wounds, uterine infections (infuse), thrush/hoof rot in hooved stock.

10) MammarEaze salve- infected wounds or as an after care during and after initial mastitis infusions until mammary returns to normal (may be 3 days, may be all year depending on level of damage)

11) Gland Aide salve for knots inside of the udder-helps body break them down or push them out.

12) Syringe/Cannula packs for the Udder Blast

13) drenching syringes-

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