Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Sadness: Heat stroke claims a goat

Our hearts are heavy tonight. We lost a long time goat, Violet, to heat stroke. Yesterday we hit a high of 116 degrees, and poor violet was older, and about 2 weeks away from giving birth to triplets.  The combination was just too much for her.

We found her this morning showing signs of distress, and we immediately moved her into a barn stall by herself, hosed her down with cool water, and started half hourly regime of force fed water with electrolytes. She improved slightly but then the stress caused her to go into labor. She was just too weak to give birth and eventually gave out.

We did an emergency c-section to try to rescue the babies, but they did not make it either, they had already passed away before the mom.

Farming is full of birth and death, it is management of life itself. I dont know if I will ever get used to dealing with it so constantly and permanently.  It does create a deep respect for life.. when you see it come and go so quickly. Every moment is precious, every moment to be enjoyed to the fullest. None of us knows which is our last.

As we say goodby to violet, we remember how precious life is, and how easily it goes away.

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