Friday, October 12, 2012

Turkeys final stage

This week has been busy! Lots to do at the end of summer. One project we just put to bed is the turkeys. This years thanksgiving birds now have a new home! We finished the three newly designed turkey hoop houses and I must say... I finally like this design! After 3 years and countless revisions... we have turkey coops that work.

The hoop houses are movable easily, have enough floorspace and roosts for about 50 adult birds, huge easily opening doors, quick to build, etc etc. In short... they work. We built 3 to house the 150 or so birds this year. The coops are sitting in the neighbors pasture while we replant ours for winter. There they have access to bugs, grass, and fresh dirt. The coops are moved daily.

The turkeys will stay in the coops for about a week to acclimate them to the new home, then we will let one at a time out for a day. This way they stay close to the coop when out, will be easy to gather at night, but will have plenty of exercise hunting fresh grass and bugs and spreading their wings.  The somewhat limited activity will help to build fat without compromising health.

So... we are in the home stretch!  If you visit... look to the right of the long driveway. You will see 3 large hoop houses that look a little like army barracks. You will also notice a line behind the coops of eaten, trampled, and heavily fertilized grass.  Come by around noon and watch the coops pulled to fresh grass everyday.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and we only have a few birds left. If you wish the best thanksgiving turkey ever.... be sure to reserve yours before we sell out!

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