Sunday, October 7, 2012

GMO food is toxic, saying so could be toxic to one's career.

This is fascinating... the link below will take you to an open letter from the folks that recently announced the first ever scientifically done, long term GMO food evaluation. That's right.. the FIRST EVER.  No one in america has done decent studies.. by decent i mean really asking the question "what are the long term effects of consuming GMO produce and crops?"

Well, as many of us expected, the report shows dismal and worrying results. GMO consumption causes all sort of health issues, even death and infertility.  Thats the bottom line.. GMO food is basically toxic.

The letter below is in response to treatment of scientist that actually ask open questions and find honest answers. IT is appalling that science today has been "taken over" by various interest not seeking answers, but rather seeking to prove a pet point for gain.

With the current fight against GMO plantings in our own local area, this is a good read. Sets a foundation for understanding why this is so important.

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