Sunday, October 14, 2012


Finally... after nearly 3 months of dry skies.... rain is arriving! We got a little sprinkle Friday. With the big event due tonight... half an inch to an inch.

First rain is a big deal here. We unfortunately get a little lax when we know the sun will be out every day for the foreseeable future. But... alas... it always comes to an end. And inevitability we aren't ready. This weekend is no exception.

First there are the goats. These goats HATE water... other than drinking... they avoid water whenever possible. That's a problem since we neglected to finish the area around the milking room. The plan was to build a shelter to cover the waiting pen and walkaways. But.. yea.. that never happened. So.... today I was scrambling to find a suitable temporary solution. Finally we came up with a portable carport from Costco. I'd much rather have a metal roof but you can't get one of those in a day... much less a Sunday. We got 2 of these today and assembled them before dark. One over the hold pen and one over the door of the barn. That gives mostly. Dry walking from barn to milking and back.

Then there's the cleanup... things sitting out that shouldn't get wet. There's always a few of those around the farm to put away.

Bedding and shelters must be checked to make sure everyone can get out of the rain in a warm cozy bed. Wet sleeping areas are a quick way to disease.

The pasture planting should be done before the rain but we seem to have run out of time on that one. At least the first rain will soften this hard clay and by the second one... we will be ready to plant. The trick is to get the ground broken up as soon as it can be worked after the rain. With this soil... hours count on this. If a bright swung pops out the next day... within hours it will be as if it never rained.  But catch it right and out cement like soil turns into nice moist dirt.

So it was a busy weekend... but we are ready now. Let the rains come!

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