Thursday, May 24, 2012

What would you say if.. ..

What would you say to the executives of major agribusiness if you had their undivided attention and a dinner date at their table?  If you were sitting next to the individuals responsible for more lasting harm to our children than any other single interest in America.  If you were openly questioned in their midst,  about your thoughtful on their mission to "feed the world " through poison,  chemicals,  and genetically altered organisms?

Well this fellow was   given just that opportunity,  and I think he did admirably.  Respectful yet direct.  I personally would have a hard time remaining respectful in such a situation, being a son of a farmer who unknowingly gave his life  to agriculture chemicals through cancer, and having witnessed the direct result of feeding with poison on families.  I applaud this writers resolve and self control.

What Do the World's Most Powerful Pesticide Honchos Eat for Dinner? | Mother Jones

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