Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Turkey flocks growing!

The current batch of eggs is pretty much hatched now, maybe a couple more to finish today out of  the 100 eggs in the second incubator. All together there was about 10% non-fertilized, and about 10% fertilized that didnt hatch in this batch of 100. Our total turkeys in the brooder stall in the barn is up to 154.

There are another 60 or so in the first incubator due to hatch within a week or two. Once those are finished we will be at about 200 in the brooder, and this is the flock available for thanksgiving.

The second incubator was reloaded today with another 100 eggs which will hatch in 28 days.  Also we will reload the first incubator with another 100 when the last of that batch hatches. Bringing the next flock to about 200. Those birds will be available for Christmas turkeys.

I did adjust the temp slightly. So far the birds seem to be hatching a day or two early. It was set at 99.6. Setting it back to 99.4 should slow down their development just a tad to hatch on time. We have found sturdier birds emerge when they hatch at the 28 day mark.

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