Saturday, May 5, 2012

Turkeys and ducks bound for new York

Friday we sent a set of turkeys and ducks on an adventure.  Well. ... fertilized eggs that is.  They are bound for  South Jefferson central school in Mannsville, new York. These little fellows are now part of the elementary school hatching project there. The eggs will be hatched right in the classroom with the kids watching every moment,  every change , until the miracle of life unfolds in front of them. Hopefully this project and so many like it across the country will touch these young souls,  instilling in them an appreciation,  a wonderment for the delicate beauty of our world.  What better way than watching life begin and then holding baby birds in their hands just minutes old? Perhaps a new farmer will be born in one of these precious little souls.

When the project is underway next week there will be a way to track them online.  Stay tuned for details!

Here's the eggs all packed up in my makeshift delicate packing box ready for their trip.

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