Friday, May 11, 2012

Hospital treatment 72 times more likely to cause illness than drinking raw milk?

Yes, amazing to consider... but if you follow the math in the below article it shows that going to the hospital for a medical treatment puts you at 72 times more risk of unnecessary illness than drinking raw milk. Why dont we see that in the headlines or a press release from the CDC?  Why is raw milk vilified unnecessarily? 

I personally think the lesson here is to be careful interpreting numbers and studies. They are mostly controllable by the author.  Even if that author has the alphabet behind his name or works for a government agency. (many would say to be ESPECIALLY suspicious about an alphabet carrying author or government authority).

Here is the article, take a minute to read through and follow the math. This is a good example of how numbers can be manipulated to show either side of a debate. 

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