Saturday, May 19, 2012

Charlie and the egg

During our home delivery today, we ran into quite an interesting fellow. He  was riding along on his bike, and noticed our delivery vehicle.  As you may know,  our logo us on the back window. The logo caught his eye to the point that he  waved us over on the road. As he did we really didn't know what to expect.
His name is Charlie. Turns out his reason to flag us  down was simply to compliment us on our farm name,  and learn more about Little Sprouts Farm.

As we explained the farm approach and our free home delivery service,  Charlie gained more and more interest. I asked if he would like to try some of our eggs.  He said sure ! I  handed him a free carton of a dozen eggs and to our surprise he opened it to remove one egg.  He asked if we ever ate raw eggs and we replied that's we did as long as we knew the eggs were produced right. He then took the egg,  knocked a little hole into each end,  and sucked the egg right out of the Shell! We caught a pic of Charlie Downing the raw fresh egg.
He loved the egg,  recognizing immediately that these are  uniquely good  eggs. After all.. . He should know as  a regular raw egg consumer.

After we chatted for a bit more it was time to move on, but not without thanking our new friend for a memorable experience.

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