Friday, February 24, 2012

Washing Eggs Automated!

We finally have our portable egg washing machine "installed" and working! No more scrubbing eggs by hand :) this little jewel does a fine job of cleaning the eggs with hot water and a soft brush.  It is a recreation of an "antique" egg washing machine originally designed and sold in the 1950's but eventually discontinued. The good folks over at Gibson Ridge Farms  resurrected it, applied modern tooling, and offers an improved model for sale.

The unit sits atop the sink, plumbs to the hot water, and all you have to do it place the eggs on one tray, wait for them to appear on the other tray. If they arent clean in one pass you simply send them around again.  Its so easy even the kids enjoy washing eggs! (just dont let them get distracted or you quickly get  lucy in the chocolate factory!).

Here's a shot of Hunter and Kaelyn washing some eggs as a team.


  1. Are you still happy with your egg washer? Would you recommend it to another small farmer? Any quirks with using it?

    1. Yes, we are very happy with it. The only downside we have discovered is that for reasonably dirty eggs, they must go through 2 or even 3 times to be clean. Its not a big deal, but the large expensive commercial machines have 2 to 4 brush stations. Pros and cons here... that means the eggs MUST be exposed to water for much longer, even if not necessary, while with this little machine it is a minimal water wash. On other other hand, it takes longer with more labor. Bottom line... YES, I would highly recommend this to any farm collecting more than a dozen or two eggs a day and wanting to clean them.