Monday, February 13, 2012

Launching the mealworm farm

Today we put together the mealworm farm.  From this humble beginning will spring hundreds of thousands of little bundles of nutrition for the chickens and turkeys.

We purchased about a thousand live  mealworms from the pet store to get started. These starter worms will grow up,  turn into Beatles,  and lay hundreds of eggs each. Those eggs in the second generation will hatch into more worms and be used for food.

We chose an old three shelf plastic drawer unit for the first home.  This should suffice until the next generation.  We divided the worms into three groups,  each drawer holding about 330 live worms. 

For bedding and food we chose to use chicken grower from scratch and peck.  With the unique nutrient dense apt and corn free formula,  this feed should create the most nutritious worms  possible!  For water we dropped in a leaf  of organic cabbage.

The kids had great fun setting this up and watching the worms burrow and rugged around.  Can't wait till the Beatles emerge!

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