Sunday, February 5, 2012

Crossbreed chickens start producing

This week the chickens we hatched last summer have stated laying eggs! We started the week with only 6 eggs a day from 60 chickens,  but ended it getting 24 eggs per day. The number should continue increasing daily to about 4 dozen per day.

These birds are very unique,  they are crosses between 5 different heritage breeds. Their colours  are amazing ! Every bird is unique in size,  color,  and shape.

Of course these eggs are small for now,  due to age,  but will increase in size as the days go by.  the  colours of the  eggs are varied,  white,  brown,  blue,  green,  and pink.

Hopefully these breeds will be sturdy,  good producers, and good foragers.  So far all of this seems true.

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