Saturday, February 11, 2012

People. . . The Best Part of Farming

 Another day of deliveries behind us and it is time to I reflect on the day, there is no doubt that days like today are the high point of farming as an occupation, and as a life calling. Some have questioned the wisdom of starting home deliveries, some even call this biweekly route crazy. They certainly raise good questions, I can't deny that. But still, there is aside to this that warrants a closer look.

What is the end goal of a farm? Sure it is necessary to make a profit to stay inexistence, but "existing" is not the goal. Sure it is an exciting lifestyle full of challenges, births, cute babies, fun times, etc. But having been isn't worth the had work and long hours. Farming is a great way to raise independent children who can make a mark on the world, but even this it the actual goal. What is?

Farming is about one thing in the end. . . . PEOPLE! Feeding people, giving people the nutrition they need to stay healthy, meeting this one basic universal need we all have to find a long and healthy life. . . this is the goal.

Delivery day is the day we are closest to seeing that goal realized. Meeting with our customers to deliver good food while getting to know the families, the struggles, the triumphs is a deeply moving human experience. AN experience that can not be duplicated by selling any other way.

Each family, each persons on a different path and yet this one thing we all have in common, the drive for health and need for good nutritious foods. It is an extreme priviledge to be invited to Fill that need. What higher calling in life is there than supporting life itself? Realizing that we as formers have a significant impact on someone's health is a deeply motivating experience. You don't feel that by reading reports, crunching numbers about sales and expenses, this soul touching moment comes from looking people in the eye shaking their hand, and listening. It is about people.

 I would like to extent a thanks to each andeveryone of our customers for allowing us to be a part of your journey through life.It is both a priviledge and an honor to serve you.

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