Monday, February 5, 2018

Tractor ships today

Today's big event is the equipment shipping. The tractor and rtv leave on a hauler bound for Rosebud, including the implements we are keeping.

What we decided to keep is:

Tiller (though currently needing repair)
Generator (because it didn't sell!)

The tiller and chipper are necessary right away to get the land planted with some animal feed. And the chipper was such a good buy p plus so vital to our farm model that it didn't make sense selling it and just rebuy. It is crucial for dehydrating the animal feed and producing bedding for the animals.

The generator, we probably don't need but it is brand new and didn't sell, so best to just take it along.

Everything else is at the local tractor store, rogue valley farm store, for sale.

Now, hopefully we won't be needing to use these pieces for the remainder of the week!

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