Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Resourceful farm kids!

Kaelyn and I where at the new rosebud property last weekend setting up the fencing for our animals when they arrive. During the work, we had to set up an electric fence for Samson, the horse.

The challenge was, our electric fence rope is stored on a large spool. This spool is mounted on a pallet with sturdy arms and a pipe that allows the spool to roll and unroll easy. But I took the mount off to save weight on the trailer and just brought the spool. That presented a problem for kaelyn to roll the heavy spool up the driveway from the parked trailer.

But no problem for a farm kid!

Next thing I know, she is happily walking her "pet spool" which followed along nicely on the "leash". Which was a strap from the trailer. Easy peasy!

One big advantage to children growing up on a small operating farm is that they get to solve problems daily... Things that stretch their skills and build in some old fashioned ingenuity. I am constantly amazed by how these kids just figure out and do things on their own.

Farm kids!

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