Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Chicken checking

State laws govern the transfer of farm animals between states. It is for good purpose (protection of existing flocks) but can be quite a hassle! Chickens are perhaps the most difficult animals to move!

Each individual chicken needs two blood tests! The tests themselves are very low cost, but getting the blood from the chicken to test is... Well.. challenging! Even finding a vet willing to draw the blood is a challenge!

We did find a vet happy to help in ashland, but of course that meant transporting all the chickens to the vet clinic!

So there we we're, waiting with our oversized dog carrier in the vet office, leaking straw all over the floor.

Turns out chickens are not easy to draw blood from. Tiny veins that easily "blow". This took forever! Kaelyn had the pleasure of being vet assistant for her birds.

At the end of the day.. mission accomplished! Then ship the samples by courier to the state lab, and wait.

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  1. Update: called the lab today, not quite cleared. A few of the tests had to be repeated, which they say is normal. So we won't have paperwork till tomorrow afternoon.

    Nothing like cutting things close!