Saturday, February 10, 2018

First load on its way

What a long day! We succeeded in getting all the goats, and about a third of the sheep loaded Friday. Wow what a rodeo! We ended up with a few battle wounds and some very sure muscles, but job done!

I was incredibly proud of both Hunter and Levi. They worked hard, stuck with it even in the dark and cold night air, and had great "can do" attitudes! They worked harder then many men three times their age. As a father, I couldn't be more pleased it more proud of my young men!

Now the shipper is driving to the Texas farm, to drop off work Brenda and return asap for the rest. The hurray? All the sheep and most goats are pregnant, expected to give birth within a month! We must get them landed before those babies arrive! So he will unload and return for the second batch quickly as possible.

Hosts are definitely harder to handle in this situation than sheep. Goats are more stubborn, more resistive, more resourceful than sheep. If a goat didn't want to load... It's quite the ordeal to convince them otherwise! At the end of the day, getting the goats on the top level of the two deck trailer was only accomplished by Hunter and I picking up each goat one by one and placing them there. Those girls are heavy after lifting a dozen or so! To collect the last few, it also meant catching them by hand in a confined space and hand carrying them to the trailer.

I am sad we didn't get any pics... But there just wasn't time. It took all our efforts of everyone present to do this.

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