Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Is this a garden?

Take a close look, can you see the garden ?

Can you see the garden here?

How about this shot?

There it is.. in the background!

Yes, all three pics are the SAME area,  The amazing thing is.. only 1 season apart.  The planted areas were just plain grass and weeds, never before planted, just 6 months ago. We literally ripped, tilled, and planted about 2 acres of area, to produce the beautiful plants you see below, virtually weed free in ONE season.  Nature is amazing when you learn how to manage it!

Does it always work out this well?  NO... but sometimes it does. We have spent the last few years learning how to take a previously unworked piece of land, turn it into a usable fertile garden in only 1 season with minimal labor.  IT CAN BE DONE!

Here is a better view of the before and after...

The area on the far right is the pictures above.. 6 months ago this patch looked just like that. 

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