Thursday, August 4, 2016

How does your garden grow?

The garden is doing well this year. This week we started harvesting kale, chard, zucchini, dandelion greens, and arugula.  The melons are showing up and lots of baby pumpkins. The new lettuce patch is sprouted and going. All looks great!

So far we have been pulling the over sized or"ripe" weeds as feed. Yep... Feed. We harvest most weeds and feed the goats, plugs, and sheep. They love em and so nutritious. Once the weeds are mostly gone we start feeding the veggies. Timing works out well this year.

As always, we only use heirloom vegetables. We find them more hardy, more dependable, and capable of seed saving. Plus... The resulting veggies are just tastier and more generally prolific. Hybrids are a compromise on some way...

Here are some pics...

Kale patch

Red chard

Green chard... The bug's favorite

Zucchini patch

Gray zucchini ready to pick

Watermelon Patch

Baby Watermelon

Another Baby Watermelon

Pumpkin Patch, some areas are becoming impassable!

Baby Pumpkin with bloom in full beauty

An even babier pimpkin.. 

Hunter  showing off the extra large pumpkin leaves

The Crenshaw Melon patch, slowest to get going, no fruit visible yet, but lots of blooms. 

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