Saturday, August 6, 2016

First hog / goat produce feeding

Another first today for the season... Produce harvest and feeding from the garden. After deliveries today, we had just enough time for a quick harvest and feed.

On the menu tonight is zucchini and dandelion greens. We harvested about 7 dozen zucchini, not bad for the first picking. And then about 30 lbs of dandelion greens. Add to that some weeds... Maybe another 10lbs of weeds for dessert.

Heirloom gray zucchini... First harvest

Heirloom dandelion greens, roots and all. A tad small yet but very tender and nutritious.

Tomorrow we will harvest the Swiss chard, kale, and some more weeds... Then rotate back to zucchini and dandelion plus weeds. That's the plan until the lettuce comes in.

We believe that this method of feeding the pigs good fresh organic heirloom veggies instead of commercial feed or wastes is much better nutrition, yielding a healthier pig and thereby more nutritious pork.

The big change coming up will be the added fruit... Mostly plums and pears. Yum!

Have you tried out pork yet? Sausage? bacon?  It's hard to find pork like this!

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