Monday, November 9, 2015

The first model weed burner

Here it is.... our first model homemade weed burner. A garden wagon and extra propane infrared heater, 50,000 btu. The burner is dragged along behind the wagon, suspended from two metal bars and supported by two metal skids.

In this view you can see the tracks of the burner skids / wheel as we pull it along. Everything between those tracks is now dead. 
This test worked out well, except that its a bit hard to pull, and a bit slow for our scale. We needed to burn about 20 100 yard rows.. at half an hour per row speed... that's a bit too long! It looked like the fastest we could pull is about 15 minutes per hundred yards. Faster than that and not enough heat was applied.

After this test we will rebuild with two improvements:

1. move the burner lower by removing the sloped guard and mounting the burner directly on the skids
2. Add a propulsion system

The burner sitting on the skids. 

Another view. The white wire is to turn the burner on and off, connected where the thermostat would go. 

here is a side view of the completed unit. 

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