Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Fresh Pork Bellies Available NOW

We have just added fresh pork bellies to the online store, available for immediate purchase!

These are the same pork bellies, from our pigs, that we make into the "cant keep in stock" little sprouts bacon. Now you can try your hand at making bacon at home. It's incredibly easy!

These pork bellies also go excellent in any soups, stews, or bean dishes. Cut it up and fry into veggies... The oil that renders out under heat is pure healthy lard.  You can rest assured that these pigs were raised right, no chemicals to accumulate in the lard, no toxins, nothing but pure natural saturated fat.

If you'd like advice on making your own bacon, feel free to email. We have tried many different ways before settling on our now famous minimalist approach.  You can save lots of money making your own bacon at home.

Hop into the online store now and order your first.. homemade bacon or REAL pork belly for pork and beans.

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