Monday, March 30, 2015

Quick Temporary Portable pasture pig shelter

With a list minute winter storm coming tonight, we scrambled to get a shelter up for the pigs on foothill.  Quite the challenge to come up with a design out of mostly available parts and have it built and installed within 6 hours! well... we did it.

We utilized the tops frame from the shelters that were on the goats last year and blew down.  The top frames were plenty good, metal, light, and transportable.  The sides are too tall and catch too much wind, but the tops are fine.

So..  we got 8 T-Posts, light duty (heavy duty ones dot fit) for the supports.  The pigs would tear up anything lighter. The TPosts they cant move!  Add to that a 16x20 tarp, and some heavy duty wire ties.  There is a shelter!

All we did was was pound the tposts into the ground under each upright, attach the tarp across the tarp and down one side, than stand the top onto the end of the tposts.

We built one for the pigs and one for the sheep. It only takes about 45 minutes to set one up, and should take no more than that to move it when its time.

here is a pic of the finished product:

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