Thursday, March 19, 2015

Getting ready for cheese making!

It's been several months pause in our Cheese business that is now coming to an end.  I spent the afternoon yesterday finishing the new cheese cave (a Fridge without freezer).  Today will see the  kitchen tidied up and organized after the winter pause.

Why the pause?  Well....  Winter is our only chance to slow down around here.  To save our own sanity,  it's necessary to not "Sprint"  always.  One way to do this Thai makes sense is to follow the seasons.  Winter had shorter days,  less daylight.  This traditionally equates to less work per day.  Just because we can flip a switch and make light today,  doesn't mean we should!  Our creator built in cycles and limits into nature,  and set would be wise to follow those.  So...  Winter is our slow time.

Another practical reason is less milk.  Less milk production was partly due to winter and partly due to breeding difficulties last summer.  But the milk supply is now increasing and with that...  Cheese!

Stay tuned for a the fun flavors coming this year.  And remember..  There is a small amount of last years cheese left for sale.  The last two blocks of well agreed cheese will be available soon!

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