Sunday, March 22, 2015

Missing the window...

Weather...  One thing for certain about weather is...  Its unpredictable.  The forecast were calling for rain today,  starting around late afternoon.  So we worked for the last few days getting the pasture ready to plant,  hoping to get seeds in before the rain hit.  It was all planned out so beautifully until....  We wake up this morning to the sound of rain on the roof.  One early rainstorm had to come visit us early!

Too wet already to plant,  the newly tilled area will have to wait another week.  It does look good though!

Our plan is to transform a good part of the pasture,  now mostly bare ground from over grazing the pigs last year,  into vegetable area.  We will grow the larger vegetables like squash,  pumpkin,  melons,  etc on that pasture.  Doing the math shows that we can produce more nutrition for hogs through large veggies growing with drip lines than open pasture of grass and weeds.  At least for the breeders that need that dense nutrition.

But..  Delayed...  One more week.

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