Friday, June 20, 2014

The magic of craigslist saves the day

Remember just a few weeks ago we suffered the loss of most of our sellable meat products by the storage freezer failing?  Well...  Believe it or not,  it happened again!  We just filled the new freezer with new chickens,  turkey parts,  organs,  lard,  broths,  etc....  And the new freezer fails!  Well,  not new,  it's a second hand freezer.  But still...  Really!?

Fortunately we discovered it this time before anything defrosted.  We were able to save the products by packing the freezer witn bags of ice to keep it cold,  and go back on the hunt for another freezer.

Amazingly,   through the magic of craigslist,  we now have a shiny almost new freezer holding the products just 6 hours later.  There are so many freezers on Craigslist at any time that a person can find just what they want and grab it within a few hours.  It's often faster than store shopping!

Amazingly,  on a Friday evening at 5pm, we were able to find the perfect freezer,  but then how to pay.  These days we don't have cash laying around...  In fact we don't have cash!    But the Lord provides in amazing ways.  On the phone with the seller,  she was generous enough to come down quite a bit on price,  but her final offer was still over our budget.. I agreed to her lowest price,  and amazingly when we pulled our our cash,  we had the amount she asked,  plus a couple dollars extra for gas! 

We rely on Craigslist quite a bit for both buying and selling,  and are seldom disappointed. We rely on our Creator constantly for all things,  and are never disappointed!

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